Sunday, 19 February 2012

Looking For Some Bases - Citadel 'Urban' and 'Hero'

I am looking to buy one of each (more, if the price is right ;) ) of the original 'Urban' resin bases, which were in these 'limited edition' kits (addendum: seems the 'Hero' skull bases are those in the, present, 'Warhammer' kit, so not required) ...

Even a picture (or a count) of the actual resin base contents would be a good start (White Dwarf, Cities of Death era?) if you can help an old soldier :) As readers will know, I do have the two, more recent, kits.

Cheers ...

The Colonel


Found these ...

Cities of Death Urban Basing Kit

Modeling Urban Bases

Urban Basing Kit 

Raise my Undead! Vampire Count Necromancer

Necron Lord with Lightning Field and Warscythe

CMON Lovelies

Elf Huntress
Eldar Wraithlord
Harlequin Death Jester
Kantor Pedro
Celtic SF Bear Rider

Wash And Stay

Liquitex ink vs Citadel wash

Little Houses

Gamecraft Minis buildings

Rabbit, Rabbit, ?

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 2/10/2012 – 2/16/2012


Fast molds with two component silicone SI6GB


Warhammer Forge Masterclass

Bloody Well

How I paint my Blood Angels

They Are The Robots

Rebels and Robots from Rebel Minis

Popooree Refill

Moray and March 2

Blood Bowl Australian National Championships - Part 3

French Knights with assault ladders (Miniart)

Owieczka, prawie baranek :/

Viking Camp ..

Yu Jing Tiger Soldier and Airborne Deployment Thoughts

Project 1: Legion Beasties

40mm WAS/SYW Austrian IR Marshall von Biberstein

Seven Years war

SAGA Warlords

Clearing the Nile of Mahdi - Sudan 1885

BattleCry 2012

Phase II Enterprise

Hordebloods: Mauler Final

For Cadia! Tank Column FTW

Showcase: Ultramarine Sternguard Armour through the ages

Warlock Engineer with Doom Rocket finished!

Showcase: Space Wolves Mk.IV Dreadnought

Ultramarine Space Marine Comander

chaplin - done

Raging Heroes - Orc Warmaster Preview

Hôtel de Michelin

Hail Caesar: Damascus Division

GUEST GALLERY: "Never Ending History?" 1/32 by AITOR AZKUE.

Imperial Fortress

The "Alien vs Predator" work: Vinyl 1/6.

Kaeris V McMourning 50ss Scrap Report.

From whim to dragon
Old School Adventurers (true 25mm) finished!
42mm samurai: Red ninja

Kawaleria przybyła w samą porę! / Cavalry arrived just in time!

GW Increases Staffing for LotR

Covenant of Antarctica Plato Class Cruisers
Covenant of Antarctica Pericles Class Drone Fleet Carrier

HAWKs Have Club Cold Wars Playtest Day

Game Summit Flames of War pics

This is Astartes! More Spartan Marines