Sunday, 26 May 2013

Emp's Kids (bumped for addage)

Part 4 Emporer's Children Contemptor Build/paint
Part 3 Emporer's Children Contemptor Build
Part 2 Emperor's Children Build
Part 1 Emperor's Children Contemptor Build


Review: Uniformen & Heraldik Skaven
Review: Uniformen & Heraldik Imperium

Roads Of War (bumped for addage)

Flames of war Roads03
flames of war roads 2
Flames of war Roads question

Elfart (bumped for addage)

Unbooking High Elves - Uniforms & Heraldry

High Elves army book first impression

Hammer Time

Moldmaking And Casting Tutorial: Flexible Foam Hammer Cast In 73-20 Mold
Mold Making Tutorial: 2 Piece 73-20 Silicone hammer mold

Moldmaking Tutorial: Basic 73-20 mold of clay sculpture

Honda R Us (bumped for addage)

It's a Honda part 16: Dry brushig
It's a Honda part 15: Randomness and lighting
It's a Honda part 14: Car polish 3
It's a Honda part 13: Car polish 2
It's a Honda part 12: Car polish 1
It's a Honda part 11: Brake calipers...
It's a Honda part 10: Even more paint
It's a Honda part 9: More paint
It's a Honda part 8: All primed up again....
It's a Honda part 7: Brakes and paint stripping....
It's a Honda! Part 6: The suspension
It's a Honda part 5: Body paint....
It's a Honda part 4: More on the engine
It's a Honda part 3: Engine work...
It's a Honda! Part 2: Getting started
Opps made a mistake....
It's a Honda: Part 2, getting started
Big Spring Contest Entry

Now That's A Tank

Forge World FellGlaive

Stop Goblin, It's Bad For Your Elf

Avatars of War Wood Elf Hero ausgepackt
Avatars of War Goblin Hero ausgepackt


How to make sharp edge camo patterns with the airbrush

Very Preatory

Forge World Preators Pack (with added sound!)

Mix And Match

Beginning Art Student Asks How Can I Mix Color To Match What I See On My Photos