Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wanna Give It A Go?

40k Top 10 Hobby Tools


Warmachine Cryx Army Blog

Green Mini (bumped for done)

Dark Potential Table Build @ miniwargaming
Dark Potential Table Build 2
Studio Update 6-11-12
Dark Potential Table Build 3
Dark Potential Table Build 4
Dark Potential Board WIP by
Dark Potential Table Build 5
Dark Potential Board Work In Progress
Dark Potential Table Finished!

Terrain Showcase - Turret Towers
Terrain Showcase - 3" Tower and Conical Roof
Terrain Showcase- Ponds
Terrain Showcase- Fieldstone Bridges
Hirst Arts Ruined Tower
Custom Painted Resin Goblin Stronghold 
Custom Swamp Terrain Set
Ruined Steampunk Tower
Studio Update Circle Orboros
Showcase Trollbloods & Circle Orboros Commission
Studio Update: Hordes Terrain
Studio Update: Hordes Terrain Finished
Terrain Showcase: Hordes Terrain Sets


Airfix 1:76 Matilda "Hedgehog" tank

Scale Model Kustoms - 32 Ford Jalopy Unbox

whats in the box Mal


Big 'Un (bumped for addage)

Objet1000 - Largest Ever 3D Printer for Big Models & Flawless Precision!
Objet1000 Jingle: Changing Design in a BIG Way!
3D Printed Motorbike Suspended in Transparent Block | Euromold 2012
3D Printed Wankel Engine Model | Euromold 2012
Full Size 3D Printed Golf Club | Euromold 2012
The Objet1000 3D Printer - Live at Euromold 2012!
L'imprimante 3D Objet1000 en direct de EuroMold 2012


Make a Hobbit Diorama - Bag End


Review: The Army Painter Quickshade

Piggy Bits

Pig Iron Near Future Review

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Favour It

Make D&D minis out of party favors (The DM's Craft, Short Tip, EP 17)


DIY Battlemats

Deathly Brush

Painting Warhammer 40K: Chaos Death Guard Terminator


Imperial Defence Network, Unboxing, Worthy Painting

Heavy Man

How to build the Forge World large models? Working with resin tutorial Warhammer 40k


Kit review: Revell Swedish Regal ship "Wasa" in 1/150 scale

Airfix 1:76 Churchill MkVII


RHQ-TV - Slardy & Guns Test



Scale Model Kustoms - 64 Ford FINISHED!

Toss The Bones #26 Model Kit Updates and More


Neo-Gothic Church Wargaming Scenery from Foam

Flaming Super (bumped for addage)

Flames of War - Open Fire CubicleKK
Flames of War - RE CubicleKK pt2

Flames of War Ernst Barkmann Unboxing

Open Fire!

Flames of War Jagdtiger

Totally Jazzed for the new Open Fire Set (Updated)

BF Stuka Unboxing, Model Review and Build 

NOVA Open, Early War Fun

Lehr in Winter: The Army Painted (Capstone 2)

STUG LIFE PT 2. And then they got painted

Flames of War - Some PSC Tanks
Flames of War - PSC PTIII
Flames of War - PSC Shermans PT 4
Flames of War - PSC Shermans Completed
Flames of War - Homemade Gaming Tin

FOW Open Fire Review - Unboxing | Flames of War

Monday, 26 November 2012

What You Been Up To, Colonel? - 'Newmandy', Phase 1

Loads !!!

But, for now, 'Newmandy' begins (plus, a few more 'edging', markers) ...

Clicky-for-biggy ...

All casts are as good as required and expected, except the rear-track plating, on the Panzer IV G, which will need some work to flatten, fill and flatten ...

A little teaser ;) ...


The catch-up begins !!!

Popooree, now incorporating 'CMON Lovelies' (next post) ...

Anteprima Nocturna Malefic Time

Evil Dead: Army of Darkness
En proceso...

Show us yer piles! of (80's citadel boxed sets)
Arcane Armorials, 80's shield designs

Worlds of Warhammer - You Tube community project mini # 2 by Voices of Mars

Salamanders Pre Heresy Part 43


Angel Knight Motorcycle

Chaos Army
Chaos Lord – Working With Finecast

Ikit Claw

First of a heap of upcoming items from miniature scenery
Holy… erm… Crap!
Miniature Scenery

mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

martedì 16 ottobre 2012

Paint With Heart
Paint With Heart 2

Este viernes hemos jugado: Wings of War WWI
Fabrica en ruinas 3: spray de los chinos

Necron goodness at Gamesday 2012


Buildable Warhammer 40K Aegis Defense Line Prototype

_D.A.K. El Alamein July 1942 - 1/35_

Ten Thunders Commision

Uh-Oh. Another Kickstarter Campaign I want!
More on the project… (and we’ve reached 100k!)
I am now a backer…
Kickstarter… 45 hours to go, and a new model!

Quickie Terrain – Radar Dish WIP

Stormwall pictures

Servant Dice Bearer
Vampire Hunter