Sunday, 13 February 2011

Tiny, Lovely, Darth

Darth Maul

In The Name Of ...


GS has found his marbles

Painting Marble Base, Vid 89

Pigs in Place

The THING about pigments

Very nice effect

How to make hangy moss
Mossy overgrowth

There is such a thing as a free box

40k Nation Giveaway

Buy Me !!!

Emp's Champ

Whip It Good



Chaos space marine

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes !!!

Banners of Purity

Sword looks fab (in particular)

Finished Blood Angels Dread & WIP Sergeant

Key at Source Link

Size Matters - It's A Scale Thing

Another Pleasure Palace of Paint

SHOWCASE: Desktop and Paint Racks with new Paint Pots!