Thursday, 29 March 2012


Portrait: The Flash – Fastest Man Alive


How to sculpt scrollwork on models


Betrayer Cover (for real this time…)

Saintly Brushing

My new best friend


Pre-painted plastic goodness


via fulgrimphoenician

He Knows The Drill

Product Review: Dremel 8000

Hobbing Ponderings

Interview with Rob Lane of BaneLegions

It Has Landed

The Storm Eagle & more Forge World goodness

Popooree Refill

Dark Age - The core

Eden - some more new releases

The Package

Teche per diorami

KGN Weekender - Tilly; The First Town

Send me your Spawn conversions

New Painted Skull Helmets and Store Available

Rorsh and Brine painted by Kensei Yonzon

The Storm Eagle & more Forge World goodness

First unit of treekin painted

Orcs Hit Las Vegas: Game 6 Tournament Report: Last Game

Nam project - Buddha statue head

Gruag, ogr-najemnik z Ostlandu

Star Phantom Mortis Pattern Contemptor

1st Year and WW2 Tommies

Grey Knights Update: Strike Squad Completed 

Armies Army Leader and Alien Merc

Mega Shark

Painted Icarus

Dwarf Traders

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Last Rhino done, army complete!!

SA/GO: which B …? (part six) B is for basing

 Double Dread Weekender - Sunday Dreadfleet

Arena by Dwarven Forge

Valley Of The Yo

Vallejo Game Color Extra Opaque review
I got more VALLEJO paints today!

Wee !!!

Eiffel Tower Gets 3D Printed!

CMON Lovelies

Illithid - Gigantic Miniatures Mystery Monster
Primus Death
Primus Death The Dark Executioner
SPACE WOLVES Canis Wolfborn

Popooree (bumped for addage)

El Flautista

SteamPunk Army

[Entrevistas] Descubriendo el hobby en femenino con GOBLINOIDE

Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station - Walking Dead`s Custom - by Dave Winfield

One miniature, two color schemes: Part One
One Miniature, Two Color Schemes, Part 2

More Ilyad Miniatures

Pre Heresy Imperial Fists Assault squad

Huge Ilyad Demon

Gamezone Empire equivalent cavalry

Hot off the line... Pre Heresy Devastators
More Pre Heresy Imperial Fists

Night Goblin: Arachnarok Spider doppelganger

Dark Elves by Gamezone

Lord Draigo Complete!

The New Orcland Patriots, Gallery #2
The New Orcland Patriots, gallery #1

Ouch, did that hurt? Empire cavalry equivalents

Lead Beasties!

Liche V1

Lord of Pestilence

Previews Artcrime

Buddah Cthuluh


Tournament! Part Deux

Conversiones de Tiranidos

London Toy Soldier Show- 31st March

Huntmaster Charun done

LPL6 round 3

The painters of Nottingham