Monday, 28 February 2011


Daemon prince of NURGLE

Bol - No Spag

Photos of Bologna Model Festival
Bologna Model Festival

No poo on the snow?

Medusa's Spy finished...

Get the fly spray

Tyranid Army Colour Scheme Tutorial

Nice and Airy

Things to come... (shiny)

Been quiet on the wolf front

Mythicast Thunder Wolves: Giving The (Wolf)People What They Want

Orktoberfest 2011

Me like

Getting Two Models From One Kit


A Dwarfs Tale: From King to Clansman - A painting guide


The Workshop - Beards Tutorial

Lovely 'Base'


Magnets in The Storm

Magnetizing the Storm Raven


Warhammer 40K: Mecha Tyranid
Tartagul et son Skorpionyx

Another lovely sculpt and paint-job


Sunday, 27 February 2011


Studio Update: 2-26-2011

Mant to be

Manticore webcast

Nice Medicine Man

Salamanders commission - Apothecary complete

Bases Goo-d

A new basing method


Another great piece


A quick afternoons work...

More snapping

TUTORIAL: Miniature Photography, part 1

TUTORIAL: Miniature Photography, part 2

Fancy Jockcadian?

Scottish Guard Conversion Packs

Tidy, Lovely, Little, Planes

Thunderbolts and Bombers, very, very frightening


Quick & Easy: Pinning Models

Very pleasing conversion

....the Saints are coming!

Dip, dip and away

Field Test: Army Painter Quickshade

Step By Step
Dip 2

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lovely Armies

Warhammer 40,000 Doubles - Painting Competition (pic heavy)

Flagging this up


Lovely little barn

Barn raising

Some of his bases may belong to you

Basing Tutorial - 40k Urban

I do (I did not at first) like these PH launchers

Night Lord missile havocs & a cautious plasma gunner...

Nice urban camo

A 40k Cerulean Templar finished...First in a Decade

Nice Charrritteee Army

(2/25/11) Adepticon Charity Army

Friday, 25 February 2011

Paint it Cheap

Gaming on a Budget: Scoring Paint on the Cheap

What a Corker!

Tutorial: Cheap and unique bases using cork!

You Tube community project ~ Adeptus Astartes from The Colonel (Part 8)

Early banner art practice ...

You Tube community project ~ Adeptus Astartes from The Colonel (Part 7)

Justice Approaches...

Very nice dragon piece

High Elf Mage On Dragon

Nice weather for ...

Gimiak's SRG log - day 9: Further weathering - part one

Gimiak's SRG log - day 10: Further weathering - part two

Gimiak's SRG log - day 11: Finishing main body

Well, I like the big-mouthed b***ers

New Bad Thing

Bambaboss in a diving suit by Motorbot

Nice tutorial

Mega-tutorial: How I painted 54mm Verthandi