Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Forged From Resin

How to prep Forgeworld or resin bits

In Command

Unboxing Vostroyan Command Squad


How I Hold My Brushes


The Ichiban Painting Studio setup


Objet 3D Printed Fenway Park Model Tours Boston!


Mini of the Week: Urban Zombies

Wurrz Up?

Unboxing Wurrzag

Knightly Knight

Plastic Teutonic Knights from Fireforge Games

Hot Doggety

BoLS Product Review:Dust Warfare | "Hot Dog" Medium Assault Walker

Gruntzy Hobbycribs

Gruntz Barracks

Plane Truth

Angel build part 3
Canberra Build part 3
Canberra Build part 4

Rude Sand

Product Review: Famous Gaming's Coarse basing modelling sand 250g bag

Primark Of Nurgle

Trip to PRIMARK made me hand my soul in to the chaos gods

Wood You?

Citadel Woods

Panther Back

Plastic Solider Company... Panther Tank Section