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Team North America Primarch Project - Lovely Niceness

Team North America Primarch Project (+)

Laurentixian Foruli

Somniorum Messores
Surge in nomine imperatoris



Founding chapter: Ultramarines
Founding: Not Applicable (Restricted by The Inquisition)
Chapter Master: Lee - Grand Chapter Master Lee of The Dream Reapers
Homeworld: Laurentix
Fortress-Monastery: Sommunitio
Main colours: Blue and Teal
Specialty: Variable Combat Tactics
Battle Cry: Surge in nomine imperatoris - "Awaken In the Name of The Emperor"
Estimated strength: Exterminatus (Restricted by The Inquisition)


"Talon or Pistol,
Foul Excretion or Unholy Craft,
Sword or Shell,
Mechanism or Flesh,
None Hold Fear for Us,
For There is Always a Time,
When the Abomination to Our Mighty Emperor Sleeps,
And it is At That Time,
When We Best Do Our Work." 
Lord Ensiro Condrake, Primaris Lexicanum of the Dream Reapers

"Speak Not to Me of Men's Noble Dreams.
I Have Witnessed Such Blasphemy, in the Slumbering Minds of Self-Appointed Righteous Men,
And I Can Truly Say, That the Foulest Gods of Chaos Have Little More to Offer,
When Deceit and Sin Are The Only Measure of These Men's Fantasies."
Chaplain-Confessor Herecles Ansimon of the Dream Reapers






Hoc modo genus humanum ad chaos movet
One who needs,
One who wants,
One who desires,
One who craves,
One who is envious,
One who is jealous.
So humanity moves towards chaos.

In somniis libertatio manet
In Dreams, Awaits Release.

Cum somno mors venit
With Sleep, Comes Death.

Sanguinis tibi libere fluat, ut vigores dulces somniorum tuorum sapio
May Your Blood Flow Freely, As I Savour the Sweet Energies of Your Dreams.

Somno vocanti telum meum vivit
As Sleep Beckons, My Weapon Lives.

In somniis tantum lebertate gaudere possumus
Only in Dreams, Can Freedom Be Enjoyed.

Surge in nomine imperatoris
Awaken In the Name of The Emperor.

The Story of Laurentix

Orb. Dist. 6.48AU
6.49G/Temp -9C
Population: 5,000-150,000
 Cm-class [Mining World] 
Tithe Grade: Adeptus Non-Solutio Extremis-Exactis Tertius 
Aestimare: X0012-E0212 
Aggregate: 0-171 

The Dream Reapers (Somniorum Messores) originated from a noble detachment of Ultramarines, which accompanied an Imperial Guard division. They, in turn, were protecting settlers and miners terraforming Laurentix, long before the Eye of Terror era.

Throughout the millennia, many ‘changes’ occurred on the desolate, geologically-tumultuous mining planet, which was Laurentix. The Dream Reapers secured a sub-Laurentixien monastery. The Imperial Guard developed into the Laurentix Planetary Defence Force (LPDF), housed, predominantly, in grav-assisted habdomes, overlying massive sub-Laurentixian complexes.

The rest is history ...

"The inevitable sense of doom pervaded the worlds of the Belis Corona system, despite the Commissars’ and military commanders’ best attempts at maintaining the people’s sagging morale. Laurentix was seized by riots in virtually all of its scattered mining settlements, and soon contact was lost with the world."

"Faced with both the pustulant forces of the Death Guard, and the voracious hordes of Tyranids who were, unlike the human defenders, immune to the Plague God's blessings, the forces of the Imperium were hard pressed to defend the vital worlds of the sector. It was first the intervention of Eldar of the Ulthwe Craftworld and then the orbital bombardment of Laurentix that allowed the forces of the Imperium to fight back, despite the disastrous ambush of forward elements of Battlefleet Solar at the Bairsten Prime jump point."

Thus was the origin of the Laurentixian inhabitants ... and was their sorry fate.


Original sources of text and images available from The Inquisition

Vraksian Baneblade from TIT


Laurentimort - Daemon Prince of Laurentix (Part 1)

So, another little project of mine, is a second DP, from my shake-and-bake SM/Chaos chapter, The Dream Reapers.

This will be the second DP, as I am just about to order (pre-VAT increase!) the GW plastic kit and the left-over-bits will be used to flesh out Laurentimort.

Armature view 1 (with dummy scythe) ...

Armature view 2 (with dummy scythe) ...

Milliput foundation ...

With his naughty mates ...

Wings on the way ...

 First wing-fitting attempt ...

 Think ... winged, sort-of-futuristic, Grim Reaper thang ala (but stumpier) ...

(ID of artist welcomed, 'tis a little Frazettaesque).

Chapterhouse Studios Space Wolves Rhino upgrade kit review video from RF

Chapterhouse Studios Space Wolves rhino upgrade kit review video

Space Wolf vehicle kit review

Just a nice, tidy, yellow, army coming from C&Fs

Nobody puts Willie in the corner!

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures: Angel SF Knight from MM

Scribor Mounstrous Miniatures: Angel SF Knight

Painting Space Wolves round-up from gdmnw

Painting Space Wolves

Weekly Finds from IL

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You'll fight Hydras!!!

Hydra conversion


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