Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Wargame Miniature Basics - Juicing to Highlight

The Strange Case of The Silent_Spectre Meets The Colonel (Part 2)

So, as I said, I had my beady eyes on the Dhurn Troopers ... and here they are, 'straight from the bag', with bases, of course (you can see them, built, at the linked pages) ..

Dhurn (Space Dwarf) Trooper #1

Dhurn (Space Dwarf) Trooper #2

Dhurn (Space Dwarf) Trooper #3

Dhurn (Space Dwarf) Trooper #4

Dhurn (Space Dwarf) Trooper #5

I also bought this chappy, who is assisting The Dhurn, in their quest ...

The Bounty Hunter

As before, all nice and chunky, great details (I like some details on weapons), easily-removed flash (in the main) and lots of fun, Post-squatish, character :) Please note Stuart's comments, on the page.

Now cleaning the bad boys up, and pinning, then going to make a little sci-fi diorama (with fluff), around them !!!

Onwards and upwards !!! :)

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