Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DVD Covers !!!

This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly Makin'...


Black Crusade Sorcerer 2
Black Crusade Sorcerer 1

Leaf It

Product Review - Secret Weapon Leaf Litter


Painting Tanks: Airbrushing and Weathering


Eucalyptus Bowl 2012

Hungarian Motorised Infantry Platoon

The Great War in Greyscale - The French 'Poilu', 1914

Mansions of Madness – Hounds of Tindalos
Empire Master Engineer + Fenland Well
Mansions of Madness – The Mi-Go

Wreck Age: coming along nicely

Strike Cruiser Morkai

Imperial Fists Stormtalon

On eBay Now: 12 Piece Wooden Crate Set
On eBay Now: Buckets!

Machinas: The last two cars (Caddys)

"Breaking the D-Q Line": After Action Report, Bovington 2012

Hispilis. Part 3

CMON Lovelies

Ork Rider Gold in GD 2012 Spain
Duel Decimator Black Legion/Contemptor Relic Blood Angels
Empire Witch Hunter
Dwarf Guard
CMON Shop Update: Naughty or Nice, or maybe both?

Squidgy Metal And Paint (bumped for addage)

Empire of the Dead - Mr Chops, The Demon Butcher EotD unboxing
Empire of the Dead - London Civilians - EotD Unboxing
Empire of the Dead - Victims - EotD Unboxing - Westwind Productions 
Empire of the Dead - London Bobbies -EotD Unboxing
Empire of the Dead - Jack the Ripper - EotD Unboxing
Empire of the Dead - Holmes and Watson - Unboxing EotD
Empire of the Dead - Butler & Erazmus - Unboxing EotD
Empire of The Dead- Jack The Ripper - Westwind EotD
Empire of The Dead - The Butler - Westwind EotD

DIzzy Putty

Elbow Deep in Greenstuff!

Apocitive Experience

WG - Terrain, apoc board part 2
WG - Terrain, apoc board part 1

Sharp Stuff

Reviewing the Army Painter Razerwire

Budget Paint Pondering

Studio Update #3

Bad - You Know It

How to Paint Bad Moon Yellow


Steampunk Gears and bases

In Command

Unboxing the Forgeworld MKIV command characters

Totemglow (bumped for done)

Savage Orc Totem Pole Pt4 - Assembly Walkthrough and COMPLETE!
Savage Orc Totem Pole Pt3 - LEDs and shoutout to TubeBkg

Mucky Pup (bumped for addage)

Advanced weathering made easy with AK Interactive. Command Rhino W.I.P Part 2
Advanced weathering of the Command Rhino with AK Interactive. Part 1


looking at citadel middenland tufts


Imperial Bastion and other updates

Walled In

Quantum Gothic Review - Arrmoured Walls

Bombed Out

Ork Burna-bommer painting tutorial

Ever Open

AGP Unboxed: Legion of Everblight Battlegroup