Monday, 19 December 2011

High Base

Airbrushing for Base Colors

Should Be A Good One

WIP Artscale Imperial Fist part 1


Warlord Titans
Warlord Battle Titan Commission

As Eggs Are Eggs

"Houston, we have a problem"


[Debate] Libros de Warhammer... Los consideráis canon o no?

Spirituality In The Beauty Of Colours

Tutorial - What colours to use?


It Came From Hell Pit

Sandy Bottom

proyecto:diorama elysianos/Project: Elysian scene

Looking Great

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Forgeworld Conversion wip 3

Little Green 'Men'

Review: Ammon Miniatures

Good Enough For My Header :)

Pure Paper

Oh Dear

Rage of the Day: Finecast

Ribbed, For Your Pleasure

Review: Masq-Mini Ultimate Tube Tool

Sealed and Delivered

Pure Paper

Why Are Grey Knights Silver?

Any Questions?

13 Years

Objet Celebrates 13 Years of Awesome 3D Printers!

All Tanks Are Not The Same

StuG III Ausf G - Comparison

CMON Lovelies

Eldar Avatar with Javelin Winner of GROG 2011 -
Miniature Mentor releases True Metallic Metals Tutorial

Wash Your Back?

Hammâm - Detail Views

Yeehaa !!!

Wild West town for miniature wargaming

Decals, The Little Way

Hobby Stuff: Micro Set & Micro Sol


bits & bobs


Sanguinary Guard

Knows His Bacon

AFV-Club Danish Centurion tank Part 1: The Assembly