Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another Selection of Excellence

Grey Seer – miniature painting competition

Back to blogging!

Comp Blast

Hussar 2010 report

Lovely, Little, Ladies

Hasslefree Miniatures Adventurers

Great details

Lewis Clarke’s Ogre army

Lovely wings

Scourge of the Storm campaign results plus a few crazy models

Nice barrels

6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle - Turret Options!

Bear with him

Word Bearers Dark Apostle

I like(d) him (still do, in my archive)

Dark Angel Company Master


Malkränzchen Deluxe Teil 3.

A is one of The Men

Master Fantasy Painting display WE2011


Now, THAT is rusty

Trumpeter T-62 "Scrap metal diorama"

Trumpeter T-62 "Scrap metal" diorama in 1/35 scale

I enjoyed it

Hop Idol: The Blagger's Guide to Painting

Massive pile of pics



Coming Soon From Paulson Games: Mech Auto Cannons, Missile Launchers Galore and More!

Experts at work

Nagausith, Hot And Dangerous, A Naughty Dark Elf Bearer


Dusty Feet

Making display base for a dozen or so miniatures

Now, if there was a reflection in the mirror ;)

Impresionante Novedad de Romeo Models

Decayingly Super

Mortio Grulgor

Painting Ponderings

Painting Purgatory: More Thoughts on Color

Sucker for blues

Hell Dorado: Painting a Blessed Warrior

There is 'fun' and then there is ...

Direwolves and how to base them in a fun way

An idea crystallises

How to make and paint crystal objective markers (Step by Step)

Geländebautipps ... gone all German today

Combat Zone Chronicles: Geländebautipps
Watchdog: 3D Battletech Platte

Combat Zone Chronicles

Matakishi's Tea House



Review: Dystopian Wars Preußen

Nice Chopper

Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine Verlosung

Dip your toes

A River and a Little Pond – Part I

A River and a Little Pond – Part II

A River and a Little Pond – part III