Thursday, 10 November 2011

Vikings For Assertive Antipodeans (bumped for pillage)

Looking back on the Vikings

Water Wargaming


New Viking Figs

More New Viking Figs

Welsh and Vikings and a Sorceress (Welsh?)

Games This Week

28mm Viking Hirdmen for SAGA

Viking Berserkers for SAGA

The Viking Horde

Viking Saga Warband Complete

Isle of Sceapige (6) - Vikings on the move ...

Saga Viking force

Isle of Sceapige (7) - The Fight for Drengham


Viking Hearthguard

Swedish Vikings Gallery


Viking Warriors

SAGA Vikings

Foundry Vikings for SAGA

Saga Viking Warband Finished!

Viking Warband is done

Jumping on the Saga bandwagon

Swedish Vikings Gallery

Preparations for SAGA

Viking Levy


SCW Character No.2
SCW Character

Not So Sudan

Back to the Sudan

A Signal Station for the Sudan 1884/85


Decors goes East

So Much Work, But Nearly There

Baneblade Transformer, From Baneblade to Titan

Blanche Blast

 john blanche games workshop white dwarf citadel miniatures 'eavy metal

All My Bases Do Belong To Me - GW Basing Kits Review (Part 1)

Clicky for biggy ...

Warhammer (Fantasy) Basing Kit

Warhammer 40,000 Basing Kit

Combined Kits

Full Review to follow.


Part I: Noh Berserker Packaging & Pieces