Wednesday, 13 April 2011


CMON Shop Update: Three girls are better than two!

What is best in life?

The Usurper (54mm)

Cross his palm

Painting a Grey Knight Terminator - Silver Metallics

More Magic



Spring cleaning

Please release me, let me go

The Myth of Mold Release

Good to hear

Hitech Miniatures
Hitech Miniatures

Excellent Airbrush Resources

Airbrushing for Figurine

A lesson learned

Resin Casting - uggh

Nice Marine

Sgt. Antarius - finished

Here we go again ... the stuff

[Adept Zero] Instant Mold Review

Have The Blues

Astorath conversion painted Librarian blue

Tiny Transport Techniques

Traveling Box


Cloak and Dagger

For The Squats !!!

My 40k Converted Squats Army