Friday, 6 May 2011

I am with you brother

The perils of perfectionism


Not very Arsie to me

Paso a paso: Falkar V1 (only spanish)


Arkeid de Anima Tactics 

Crazy Knights

Grey Knights competition entries


More snow features for the Khador!

Primary Info

Undercoat Tutorial (not just for beginners)

Oh Fishy, Fishy, Fish

Friday Quick Tip: Full Water Bases 

The SphinxMeister

Tomb Kings Launch; Mark Harrison talks Sphinxes

Flagging them up

Edward Prince of Wales, Banner and Flag 1471 WotR

Open the doors

Thomarillion - Portals to City Buildings

Hulkin' Ulkan

PegaMinDesign - First Ulkan Release

Wyrd as usual

Wyrd Miniatures - June Releases

Mind Your Pits

I show you how to magnetize Grey Knights Special Weapons

Free Stuff (sort of)

Want to win a free custom painted miniature? Find out how!

Mind your step

IDIC Seer Council - Preparing to paint

You're Mother-Rolling Right

Roll a D6

Casting call

Ork Glyphs 3
Ork Glyphs 2
Ork Glyphs 1

Even more goodies

AMT 2011 (VI) Figuras y modelados

A little bit of most things does you good

Heresy is Fun

Tomb Kings, How Do They Work? - Sehenesmet (Part 4)

Chest cast (Fine Casting Powder) was fine, for this job. Time to hollow it out for the Tomb Priest ...

Leg and hip armatures on the way...

Some more Gelfex moulds, on the way, for other parts of the Bone Giant (skirt, face etc)