Thursday, 3 March 2011

Very nice snipers

Kitbash Cadian Snipers Painted!


Wyrd Miniatures - Malifaux March Releases

Tipping the Airbrush

Airbrush tips

Well, What Have YOU Been Painting?

RobotNews! What have you been painting?

Angels Double-Up

Angel Sanguine Sanguinary Guard by Daith

Blood Angels Captain

Tank in Weather

Venerable's Weathering Tanks Guide...

Thunder in Weather

Project Thunderbolt Part 3: Airbrushing and Initial Weathering(Pic Heavy)

How to: Hairspray and Salt Weathering Technique 

Older bases belong to him

Tutorial : Plasticard bases

Now, where is that Lic ....

Scenery tutorial - Making heavy foliage

Not one to meet on any night

Tentacled monster miniature
Book of Fragments - Dark Young

Like a bad dream, made good


Warmachine Wonderful

Props to Kingmob for joining the Kriels

We likes gunns

How to Guide: Ogryn Ripper Guns Tutorial


Back to Basics: Assembling and Basing Dark Eldar Mandrakes

Very nice Eldar


I was searching for 'Frosting' and I found these ...

Just wonderful

Camille Allen

There's a fix for that

Spray on varnish problems? There's a fix!


Reorganising the Workspace

Light, pins and barrels

OSL example and pinning fragile joints


Frugalnomics Lesson 2 - Shopping Around

Now THAT'S a 'Psychic Choir'

Choir of Menoth, ready for their first game


Old stuff day

I said "shhhhhhhh"

Blood Angels Librarian by Gorlack


Unpacked and Setup


Tutorial - Creating clam fouling on a boat


SMOG: Lord Holmes, the Royal Assassin

10,000 Reads, Special Thread, From The Colonel - The Prelude (Part 2)

Base colours and washes ...

Details to follow.