Thursday, 24 March 2011

German Boxes

Review: Planet Fantasy Hobbyrange Armybox
Planet Fantasy

Wash and Go

How to use Inks and Ink Washes

The eyes certainly have it

Techniques for Painting Eyes 

What's the Pointillism?

Shading, Highlighting and Weathering using Pointillism

Flaming Winner?

Armorcast’s First Annual Cinematic Effects Modeling Contest

You MUST watch this guy !!!

BuyPainted - How to paint Arachnarok Spider? | Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Strip and Paint

dettol results

space marines striping, but were is the lapdance pole?

Some Nice 40k From Avalon

space marine TERMINATOR Black templar

space marine TERMINATOR deathwing

Please wait Image not available * Enlarge (!)

Very Nice SMs

Space marine Assault squad

Space Marines BR FOR SELL

Red, red, red !!!

Tutorial?!: Painting Vibrant Reds, the Quick and Easy Way!

DT has been superbly busy, as per

More Space Marine Goodness 

Flaming Smoke

Making Smoke and Flames


My Miniature Painting Setup


Lost Kingdom finished


Goatboy - Painting the TItan

Sharp and Fast

Voidraven or Razorwing

Double Titan Please

Knight Warden Titan WIP and 100th Post Contest Winnah!

Model Wonderland

Modeltroia 2011 - part 4

Modeltroia 2011 - part 3

Modeltroia 2011 - part 2

Modeltroia 2011