Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sausages !!! ... 400,000 Hits !!!

Not bad eh?

Thank you folks ... I must offer an apology, to readers who liked the blogs.

I just do not have the time to get through them (but, you could help an old man out ;) ), and, the next few months may even be 'worse', but, you know where all the links are (and, yes, I keep adding more) :)

For now, thank you so much for dropping by ... and get ready for my new camera, creating some tutorial videos :) :) :)

The Colonel

Tree Lined

Simple Tips for Modeling Realistic Trees - Model Scenery | Woodland Scenics

On The Case

Episode 29: Customized Miniatures Case


Warzine 4x4ft Jungle Gaming Board Finished - Jungle Scenery
Warzone Mutant Chronicles Resurrection Jungle Themed Board

Heh, Yu !!!

Infinity :: Remotos Yaoxie (Yu Jing)

On The Rack

The Rack: Assembly Instructions Rank & File (RAF) 10 Model Paint Rack

Well, You Asked

Giant ask me anything

Hot Wheels

Lab Discoveries: Pico Dolly

Agast (bumped for addage)

How to paint Radagast the Brown, part 4: cloak, sleeves
How to paint Radagast the Brown, part 3: pants, shoes, inner cloak
How to paint Radagast the Brown, part 2: skin, face and eyes
How to paint Radagast the Brown, part 1: assembly
Upcoming how to paint: Radagast the Brown

Papa Bricks

How to Create Various Styles of Brickwork for Terrain Projects