Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hussar !!!

Some More of Richard Dean’s Work
Richard Dean

You know you are old when ...

Young Bloods @ Warhammer World - Best Painted

Good enough for the grunts

How I made 15 cheap Meltaguns - Conversion How To



Game On

Sporecon 2011 - Singapore Gaming Convention
Sporecon 2011

Dead Super

Death Mountain (5) - Finished!!

All your bases add up to ...

Multi-wound Counters
Building A Base With A Wound Counter

Prototypes of 28mm Napoleonic Unit / Casualty Markers


Excipio Vexillum - an Ultramarine Saga

Good Triads

Paint Wargames Foundry Peinture 

Keeping your marbles

Tutorial - Painting Marble


Earth - Dry Soil Effect

I like to see these

PC Review - Soest, Germany

Older Loveliness

Thousand Sons

Nice to show

Saumur 2011 : 11 et 12 juin

SAUMUR 2011 : le concours

Spray At Will

Undercoat Tutorial (not just for beginners)

Excellent casting resources review

Mould Making Resin Casting and Others (2)
Mould Making, Resin Casting and Others (1)

Excellent sculpting video review

Mould Making Resin Casting and Others, and Sculpey and Polymer Clay Videos

Very nice 'squad'

Pulp Plissken

Pulp-Black Light

Painter ... Andrew Taylor

Cheap Rock

Tutorial: How-to Rock Bases on the Cheap

Another Meathead

Terrain is everything - Now that's a 'finecast'!