Wednesday, 18 January 2012

We Are Going Through Similar Too :(

Little I can do, here, to help you, there ... except, say well done and I offer my long-distance support.

Keep at 'em ...

The Colonel.


Próximas novedades de la marca Escenorama

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More VC army construction

Little Places

Khurasan 15mm Sci Fi Building Parts, a Look at the Parts


DIY Space Marine Veteran squad

Lovely Little Tank

Polish 7TP tank from Warlord Games review


On the workbench this week

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Council of 13

Empire Update: First five Ostermark Halberdiers and more

Project Eldar: over the hump !

Slow and steady...

Alt. Legion Paint Scheme Revealed!: Step by Step pt. 1

Big Game 2 Army - Tau 5000 pts

Savage orcs with choppas and shields, second batch

Ultramarines land speeders


A Sign of Life

Bitwa treningowa / Training wargame

High Elves and Fallschirmjager Army Pics

From ChrisP: 28mm WWII Americans in Winter Gear (40 points)

13th Company Contemptor #2

:::....... РОССИЯ .......:::

Persian army finished

Sorylian Collective: Broadsword Class Dreadnought

A Retrospective

A shotgun and a bus (Two cops in Zombieland #3)

The Hiring Post

Cutlass Crew & Trollbloods Kriel

Dark Ages preps for Cancon

 Negrilla / Black Girl

2nd Painted 20mm Soviet WW2 Infantry Platoon

Giving the Devouring to the Druids

Skeletons with spears (Wargames Factory)

Warpath: Drakkarim Upgrades

Mid War Panzer battalion and attached tiger company

Oh My God, It's Full Of Daemons!


Looks Like Foe

Neuer Blogeintrag: Es kommt Bewegung auf die Friedhöfe Golarions......

Advanced Hobbycribbery

New Years Resolution..keeping stuff organized..


Brigade Models Previewing More 15mm Sci Fi!

Fly By Wire

The Harbinger of Menoth: Model Review

He Has Spoken

Leaked 6th Edition Rules Declared Legit: with a New GW Gameplan


The Marquis of Carrabas

More Tuts From MV

Translation Information


Grammatikalische Kämpfer


List of the week: 2000 pt Blood Angels DOA