Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So, What's Happenin' Colonel?

Well, still catching-up on the backlog on the blog !!! - when am I not? ;)

Preparing, pinning and basing the SSS diorama pieces.

Preparing the GP Painting Chaos Marine (he may be disqualified, but, blah).

Converting a Chaos Havoc.

Plus, other things, but they are not in the pic :)

Onwards !!! Life is Good !!!

Let It Snow ...

Bases - choices... Basing choices and paint schemes...


Dropzone Commander Diorama complete

Skirmish Dungeon Expansion

Poor Little Bloggie

And The Winner Is...

Heavy, Muddy Destroyers...

Early War Miniatures Explosion Markers, good for 15mm or 20mm.

Cygnar Cyclone

Desert Skirmish

Incursio Barbarica 12

Front Rank Red Lancers - Ready to Charge Home!

More Wood Elf Packs

Mad Max!!

WarGames Con Witching Hour Update

Orkinairy (bumped for addage)

Ork Project pt. 7
Ork Project pt.6
Project Log - Orks Day 5
Project Log - Orks Day 4
Project Log - Orks Day 3
Project Log - Orks Day 2
Project Log - Orks Day 1

Krull Me

Unboxing Chaos Dwarfs and BaneBeast Krull from Maelstrom Games, Vid 201

Dead Bases

Forgeworld Brass Etched Bases

Crystal Not Clear

How to Paint Eldar Crystal Weapons = Warhammer 40k
How to paint a crystal power weapon

Hearty Bubbles

Markus Wulfheart - Unboxing and Product Review


chaos warhound titan pt1


Making handrails

Hobbing Ponderings

Interview with Shaun from D20 Gaming. Exciting new game system

Feeling Her

Feldherr Mini Plus

Rack It

Paintier Rotating Paint Rack


Let There Be Light (x 3)

Ready And Willing

Realm of Battle Board - Completed!
Realm of Battle Board - WIP part 1

Game Over Man

Alien Tyrant Guard Conversion
Converted Tyranid Prime

On Standing

An example of Shinybloodyitis, 350,000+ hits and I'm away for a while.......

CMON Lovelies

Smokin' Kills
Mangler Squig
Typhaggahw - Gwyfern of Ceredigion


How I paint a skeleton


Using a glue wash on your bases


Come One Come All - Malifaux Painting Competition
JoeyFaux #4: Malifaux Tournament June 2012
Warhammer Joey Interveiw 24/6/2012

Screaming Red Death

Eldar Phoenix

Hobbing Ponderings

Interview with Chung from WGConsortium


REVELL 1/72 StuG 40, Ausf.G - A Building Review & Diorama

Rusty Wings

Modelmates rust effect review


AK Interactive Heavy Mud weathering set 1


Micro Art Studio's-Chaos Bases Review, Vid 200


Some more Greenstuff sculpting


Product Review: Ebob Miniatures

Live Once !!! (bumped for addage)

40k Nation LIVE! Valhalla Event
BTP Valhalla 2012 Season

Pt1 BTP Interview: Brett Prusso Valhalla June 2012 01
Valhalla: Pt1 BTP Shawn Gately
Valhalla: Pt2 BTP Shawn Gately
Valhalla: Pt3 BTP Shawn Gately
Valhalla: Pt4 BTP Shawn Gately


Empire of the Dead - Gentlemen Faction - Westwind Productions


Alternative army carry case Notebookbag

Basically Paper

YouTube Wargaming Terrain Video " Pathfinder Foam Board Terrain Boards"


Mercury 9 part 11: Engine cans and base....