Monday, 2 May 2011

Tomb Kings, How Do They Work? - Sehenesmet (Part 3)

Gelflex mould of Tomb Scorpion carapace, for the core of his chest, but I may go to RTV, yet, depending on the quality of the cast ...

Landing Pad (Part 2)

Two quick images, for my Engineering Whizzkid Buddy, KillaMinis (he's a lucky guy too ;) ... check out his YT channel) ...

Sequence of lights shown here (at 0:16) ... - R/C Helicopter Landing Pad/Zone... w/ LEDs! 

R/C-Controlled LED Projects

Some useful links on the topic ...

Flashing Lights Landing Pad
Flashing Lights Landing Pad - Part 2
Landing Pad
How to light an LED
How to light several LEDs
Resistor Colour Codes
LEDS (Light Emitting Diodes)
LED Center
LED calculator
LED series/parallel array wizard

Landing Pad (Part 1)

Something I started about a year ago and a perfect excuse to eat triple-chocolate cakes (plenty of containers as back-up, of course) ...

Reinforced and filled ...

Ready for LED design, build and fitting ...

Too Dirty for The Emperor?

How to Mud up A Rhino

Too Clean For Papa Nurgle?


Please Keep Trolling

River Trolls

Time for church

Prussian Church now available from Grand Manner
Grand Manner

Good Things

AMT 2011 (II) Talleres Julio Cabos y Pedro Fernández

AMT 2011 (I) Ambiente General

AMT 2011


Duke of Bavaria - Review

You better think twice ...

Heroes of Armageddon - Army Dice by Chessex

Ah, so that is what the range was

Dark Age Apocalypse
Dark Age Apocalypse

Light up your life

Eldar Snow and LED Lit Display Board #1

MC in The House

Dread Calgar Walks!

Infinity is so near

To Infinity and Beyond!

Always good to brush-up

Adventures in Airbrushing episode 1.5: More Details on Airbrush Features

A 'must read' for painters

Inspiration: a Guest Post by Mr. Harris

Bits and Bits

WarStore Mega bitz bag 

Hot off the powder

ArtCrime Productions 15mm Nationalist Infantry


The definitive guide to building and magnetizing a Space Marine Drop pod

Good enough to eat

Vindicator Cake

Utopian Dystopia

And now for Something Completely Different!

Weighty Topic

How to Base Figures with Washers

Sticky Subject

Quick Tip: Different types of Glue!

Show us what your got :)

Electronic LED's for a Wargamer - Auto Dice Roller & OHM's LAW Pt.1

Boba Fett Ground Assault Titan/LPDF Warhound Titan (Part 5)

Weapon mounts, confirmed as polystyrene, gaps filled and first stage of full fill ...

Tomb Kings, How Do They Work? - Sehenesmet (Part 2)

Some preliminary sculpting, as we wait for the Tomb Kings' Army Book ...

Men in skirts

Victrix Highlanders - Again + 2

He's Wonely

May 1st International Workers Day

Seduction by cheese

DarkSword Miniatures - New Previews & Painted Miniatures

Just because I love the pic

WorkShop Temático

Pays to show

Academia Militar 2011 - Aftermath