Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Science For Holes

Citadel liquid green stuff: paint bottle of liquid green stuff. Water soluble, designed for (teehee) gapfilling and removing air bubbles. €2,95
Is Games Workshop profiting off their own blunder?????

Castles, Zouaves and The Colonel's Lucky Day !!! (Part 5)

To tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track ...

Many Thanks, Richard, of Battle Flag, for his excellent sale of the 5th NYS Volunteers' standards ...

Crisp, high-resolution, product, on paper, great communications and service, and at a reasonable price ... A+++ seller :)

All ready for when that diorama is nearly done :)

p.s. love to do a review on a little, free, transfer/decal ;)

Basically His, Not Mine.

What Arrived In The Post Today, Wyrdstone Mines Bases Product Review

Largin' It

Ecclesiarch ready for paint (Finally!) -- Vote for it!


Return of the Painting Tray

Good Luck Folks

A new company is born : Troll Outpost
English Shop will be available soon

Shooting Sam

Wargames Factory - Ashigaru Preview

Vreshy Nice

Harlan Vresh

Very NIce

Arcane Fulcrums Complete

St Ivesification 2011

The Brampton show & Jonathan Dewar

Brampton Model show 2011


Dystopian Wars - Prussian Fleet

In Good Company

Lehr Panzer Company

FW weren't doing them but "someone" was ...

Thunderwolves Being Worked on

Floating Balls

Joy of Painting again

Hurry Now

Giveaway- 15 Days Left in Hobby Wreck Challenge Contest


Walls and hedges revamped

He's Been TC'd

I've been Terraclipped

Tiny Tanked Trooper

Star Army Walkers

Going Up In The World

Battle for skull pass weapon swap


Red Box Games Review

Literally Tons

Army Transportation and Storage

The British Love To Queue

The Issue
Special UK Games Day message from our CEO
Games Workshop are sorry...apparently...
Games Day 2011 Apology & Opportunity
GamesDay 2011 GW's CEO Apology

Does Sturm Mean Thunder?

Armorcast Ride Out On Their New Sturmwolf

Purple Fury

wrild wind tank HD pictures


New mark 1 rhino forgeworld

Mechanicus - New Deadline

competition update and end date FIXED
Adeptus mechanicus Frostblade77 contest 3rd mini