Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lube is Your Friend

More Green Stuff work

Notingham, Oh Nottingham

Warhammer day out.wmv

When you need a Copper

Patina Vid.avi


Slaanesh Queen


[Lantz's Corner] Pig Iron Productions Review 


Een blik op mijn werktafel 3

I wish I was in the land of cotton ...


Calling Berlin

German Panzergrenadier Headquarters

Dead interesting

Cemetery 3 - New Product

Me too

One of the nicest wargames terrains I’ve ever seen

Indeed Si should

Link to follow

Diamond bases

Desert & Diamondplate Basing - How To

Friday, 29 April 2011

Seen some Doom has this one

Doomseer Iyanar-Duanna

Light up your life

Tutorial ~ Illuminating a Razorback tank ~ preparation ~ Part 1

Wet and Tiny

TerranScapes - New Modified Water Features - FOW Flames of War

Not so dull

TerranScapes - Testors Dullcote vs Army Painter Anti-Shine.wmv

Bits and Bots

TerranScapes - Hot Wire Foam Factory Review - Hot Knife, Engraver, and Bounce first impressions.wmv

Planning Process

TerranScapes Planning Trench Modular Boards

More bloody good work

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guards

Get a wash

Greyscale washes

We Are The Sister ...

A few more changes to the Immolator project

First Immolator Fully Finished

Look after your gnashers

Hobby Tools and Fighting Gum Disease

I like this one best

Wednesday Eye Candy: Blackshear’s Amazon by Tim Miller
T.K. Miller

Polish up your skills

Painting Polish 15mm cavalry [Tutorial]

Very neat indeed

Navigational Tracking System


Smells Like Wargaming Lives!

He IS The Laaaaw

Mongoose Publishing - Judge Dredd and Sky Surfers


Just a quick one


My Hobby Room

Brown and Proud

27rosso Earth boxes

Wonderful Set of Earth-Tone Pigments with Review!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

20,000 ... Wow!!!

I saw it rising, rapidly, but it got there in a flash - too quickly for me to prepare anything!

I guess it is due, partly, to the SMA entries, that I am busy on (although folk are reading other content, mainly), and I dedicate those two projects, as my 20,000 contribution.

Thank you again, to all (120 'followers' too!) and let's keep this ball-a-rolling.

It's them again

Mk.5 Space Marine Armor

Even paints need that soft touch

Product Quicky - Battlefoam Pack 216 Paint case

Safety First!!!

warhammer 40k best tool to use

Jose and Angel have been wonderfully busy

Wurrzag Ork Shaman

Lovely white

3 Heavy Myrmidons ( Hydra, Manticore, Phoenix )

Cheap Air

Gaming on a Budget - Spending Money to Save Money: The Air Brush

He knew weather he should

AK Interactive USA

Very nice


Outstanding blast

Aurora spacemarine captain


Castellan Crowe Grey Knight

Sad, but nice, again

the dead space (space hulk)

It just never ends, this stuff

Singing the Praises of Insta Mold

Very Nice

Painting: Grey Knigts


What Quickshade to choose for my Tomb Kings Part 1: Soft Tone

Just being human

Thoughtful Thursdays - Hobby ADD

Damp and Steady

Dilution ratio and components for acrylic wet blending

Some worthy blasts

Appetizer for the upcoming weekend