Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kulmbachification 2011

Kulmbach 2011

Edinburghification 2011 (did I do this? ... ah well, worth a review)

Claymore Pictures

Claymore 2011
More Claymore 2011 Pics

You talkin' to me?

Nueva Figura, Dark Nova

Trees underground

Dwarven Forge - Woodland "Dungeon"

Cut it fine

Micro Art Studio: Häuslebauen für Infinity

A Personal Blast

#Miniature Monday: Gamer Cred


Finecast Emperor's Champion - Golden Demon 2011 Contender?

Finecast Emperor's Champion - Golden Demon 2011 Contender? Done?

Do not let them dangle in the dirt

An hour or two fiddlin' with me dangly bits...

Somebody smell something?

Sewers Terraclips (Sewers Of Malifaux - Terraclips 3D Terrain System)


[The Rogue Trader] Chapterhouse Studios Vehicle Kit Reviews

Wood you believe it?

Easy Wood Grain Effects


Walker Ranged Weapons

Dead Tall

GW vs Mantic - Figure Comparisons

It's a Real Blast

So When Did I Become An Antiques Dealer?

Basically Bases

Basing Basics: Part 2 (with Happy Seppuku Terrain Stamps)

Happy Seppeku Model Works

Mind your tip

Basics: Line highlighting optional method

Castles, Zouaves and The Colonel's Lucky Day !!! (Part 4)


First test piece cleaned up and on-the-way, with black primer (I will be doing another, with grey, spray, primer ... a thing I have never done before) ...

Pants are mainly done, but will need a highlight (just where the lamp glare is :) ) when in colour context ...

(1) Prime dilute GW C Black mix,
(2) Base GW B Red,
(3) Selective wash GW B Red wash,
(4) First highlight MP B Red,
(5) Second highlight MP Scarlet.