Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wet Boots

Wreck Age: Table remake wip (3)
Wreck Age: Table remake wip (2)
Wreck Age: Table wip


BoLS Terrible Tuesday, Leftovers

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Idle Hands

Filipe II - elmo

July Event Game #3: Tyranids vs Necrons 1500pts

Vampifan's Bouncers and Bodyguards


Empire Photos, Game Room Environmental Issues

Master Grade GAT-X102 Duel Gundam

Woohoo - 170 followers

Corsair Prince: Prancing
Eldar Corsair Venom

Adeptus Mechanicus - Archmagos Strandax painted
Adeptus Mechanicus - Urtzi Malevolus, the Despoiler of Mars painted

MHW – Discounts of 20% throughout July and August

Publius Marius Celsus

The Fanno Cassa Raid (Force on Force)

Smell the Tuareg Campfires

Attila the Hun 54mm Finished

One Force commander

Gamesday 2012 in Chicago
Gamesday Rocks!

Le Regiment de Berry

1st Swiss Guards

New Section – Mindstalkers Catalogue

HUGE! 1:650 Nebula Class USS RELIANT scratch and bash by James Gaunt

Proxy Druid Wilder and Stone Keeper

Completed: LotD Bike squad 1
Legion of the Damned Thunderfire Cannon

Starting Out With Dux Britanniarum

The Year of the Poor Bloody Infantry (Part 3)

Merkan 76th: General Starken arrives

August Raffle: Limited Edition Space Squat White Dwarf

Tournament: Judgement Day 7

Imperial Catachans and Ethnic Diversity

CMON Lovelies

Montagnard Orque du Behemot
Isabella Von Carstein

Under It

More fun with weathering...
Learning new tricks - Weathering... 


Airbrushing Part 2 - Blended Base Coats
Airbrushing Part 1 - Basics

All Along It (bumped for addage)

Dice Tower part 1
Dice Tower part 2


Dark Angels - Space Marine - Painting For Us Mere Mortals - Warhammer 40K Painting Tutorial


F-16C Tiger Meet Double Build Part 1

In His Room

TerranScapes - Castle Project Update 4 - WIP

Hobbing Ponderings

Defenders of the Realm - Update #2

1/72 Tamiya Republic F-84G Thunderjet Update 3 

Project Storm Eagle GD Japan 2012 *up date*
Project: Storm Eagle - 2:Main Hull and Engines


'65 Pontiac Bonneville Complete!

Converting the BASLISK !

vlog #425 - Dropzone Commander models and basic gameplay

Bretonnian Army Project Day 14 (Gather the troops!) 

IS:LITH Episode 2

Valhalla Interview- Brett