Sunday, 31 July 2011

Chicagofication Forging Ahead

Games Day '11 Forgeworld Seminar Vids
New Dark Eldar Skimmer, "the Tantalus" Revealed (With Pics and Forgeworld Videos)

Chicago Games Day 2011
Gamesday 2011!

A Man's Home

Occasioni per l’Anniversario del Blog M.H.W.M.M. – M.H.W.M.M. Blog – Opportunity for the Anniversary

Nuova Torre con Canacello – New Gate Tower

Ratatatat x 2

Puppetswar - Twin-linked Autocannon Arms

Hot Breath

Raging Heroes - Siamese Dragon Preview


Games Day Chicago 2011 Preview

Nice skulls and detailing

The 5th one...