Sunday, 29 April 2012

So, What's Happening Colonel?

Crikey !!! ... as well as being a Posting Monster (I should have caught up, fully, by tomorrow evening !!!) ...

... some new bits for the Thunder Wolves (plus, a few others ... TY BMF Bits) ...

... and the SSS Dhurn diorama/display board begins, in earnest (well, in my room, really) ....


... which has, finally, given me an idea for the competition, that I have been promising ... watch this blog :) ...

... oh, and forgot, nearly finished collecting my set of MP Paints ...


Review: The Army Painter Warpaint Inks

'Eavy Man

Tutorial: How to paint like the 'Eavy Metal team (Part 1)
Tutorial: How to paint like the 'Eavy Metal team (part 2)


How to magnetise a Necron Ghost/Doomsday Ark

Popooree Refill (bumped for addage)

Bemalte Promomodelle für Republique of France
Spartan Games - New Republique of France Releases

SPARTANS BOX available

Obrońcy w trakcie mobilizacji

TNG @ 4TKGaming 25/04

Paths of Glory 12!

Dragon Forge Predicts End Of The World!! Well NO Not Really Just Cool New Aztec Bases

Lamenters Army ++

Orc Pistols (Spare Grenade strikes again!)

Krell finished

A New Grey Knight Inquisitor Arrives

Panzer division Gondor

Last Alliance Elves & Haldir Warriors

Chaos Dwarf Death Shrieker

The Battle of Numantia 214 BC (part 1)


Khurasan Miniatures, Taliban Fighters

MHW Italian Medieval Town

Medusa Dreadnought
When boredom strikes

Medieval Town House II

SciFi 6mm playtest

Conflict 2012 event coverage

Khurasan Miniatures releases Nova Respublic Python Suits

Looking forward to Red Sand Black Moon
54mm Post-apoc: The Matron

Space Marines vs. Orks. Second NetEpic game

WIP 15mm Space Marines Part 4

Outstanding Models 2
Outstanding Models & Terrain

Showcase: Dreadfleet - The Flaming Scimitar

Showcase: Crimson Fists Army shots

WIP: Chaos Warhound Titan #3
WIP: Chaos Warhound Titan #2

Cool Mini or Nor - Wrath of Kings Pre-Release

Puppetswar - VSE Heavy Motorcycle with Mounted Weapon
Puppetswar - Turret Mk II Preview

Antenocitis Workhop - New Warthog Preview

Warlord Games - New Pre-Paineted Terrain

Anvil Industry - New Rifle Arms

Crooked Dice - New Head Sets

Ironwond Metals - New BattleTech Releases

Dragon Forge - New Goth Tech Bases

Heresy Miniatures - New SciFi Trooper

Tabletop Art - Trench Warfare Base Beginner Set

Thomarillion - New Pulpit

DarkSword miniatures - New Releases

Ramshackle Games - New Barrels

Privateer Press - More Vladimir Tzepesci Pictures

Cipher Studio - New Helldorado Miniatures

Privateer Press - Hordes Mountain King Preview

Dream Pod 9 - Barnaby Gear Transport

GameCraft Miniatures - 28mm Landing Pads

An Eldar model you won't find anywhere else...

 Showcase: Grey Knight Storm Raven