Tuesday, 22 May 2012

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: And it gets Wyrder every month!
Smog City - 1888 (peinture acrylique)
Aragorn better pictures
The Walking Misfits - Hasslefree Zombie Killing Squad
Imperial Guard Techpriest


Adeptus Mechanicus Display Base

Here Comes The Justice

Malifaux – Lady Justice Box Contents


ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (75)
ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (76)


Step by Step: How to paint a wrecked or blown up Land Raider – Part 1


Defiance Games, Panzergrenadier

Trench 2114

Hat 8191 Zulus

Caballo / Horse

James’ Resins: bunkers on the cheap

Models for Sale
Outstanding Models 5

Triples 2012 – part 1 – Overview and games

Stormy Quadruplets

Charger Warjack

Vorwärts Montreal

ENANO-Busto-Fotos Finales&J.D.M.L.&G.O

Salute 2012 Painting Competition Winners

Lothlorien Elves Completed! (Tutorial)

New Fantasy Packs and SALE!!

Perry Miniatures - Yari Ashigaru

New pictures of some old & new pieces

Testing 5150 Star Navy: The Hishen Wars.

Grot Tanks 5

Post Apoc: Another bit of terrain
Septimontium: Irradiated rumble

Time for finals!! SOO close now! 

Pre-Heresy World Eater assault marine


Salute 2012, My Thoughts - part four

Project Actium

Some Really Useful Engines

Fortune Hunter Scientist Concept Update + New Sculpt

313 More Filthy Traitors


Objet30 Pro -- Making a Classic Car Model
Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer | With 7 Different Materials!

Brushes Ready

3000 Subscribers you say? COMPETITION TIME!


Product Review: Base Crafts: Woodland Basing Kit
Product Review: Base Crafts Battlefield Basing Kit


Quite Comprehensive

A Comprehensive Guide to Painting Miniatures FREE LESSON PREVIEW


How to Paint Wurrzag - Finished!
How to Paint Wurrzag Part 1
How to Paint Wurrzag Part 2

Dem Bones+

Silicone Makeup: Compound Fracture
Special Effects Tutorial: flexible foam casting
Silicone Makeup Tips: viscera mold