Friday, 21 January 2011

Getting it wet again

Tools & Techniques #1: The Wet Palette

I believe that Vassal is a good thing for GW

Network News: To Vassal or Not to Vassal?
40K Abuse: Getting Started With Vassal, a How-To
What is Vassal?

Apocalypse Today

Tutorial - How to create a jungle ambience

Want to paint a SM for posterity?

You Tube community paint project ~ Adeptus Astartes ~ # 1
You Tube community paint project ~ Adeptus Astartes ~ FAQ & ThanksAnnouncement ~ you Tube community project ~ Adeptus Astartes

Chunky Monkies

Behold my latest batch of Pre Heresy Style Space Wolves!

Quiet Please

Blood Angels Librarian finally painted

Another thing I like to do (but more cheaply, for now) ... Casting

Mold Making Minute - 2-Part Mold Star® 15 Mold
Casting Quickies - Smooth-Cast® 325 - ColorMatch Urethane Resin

Keep those frightening, little, things safe

Malifaux bag review for Devstro

Where'd that come from?

OSL. I’m Looking up Techniques so I thought I would Share