Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pzzzz, Pew

40K Hobby: Razorback Las-plas Turret Conversions 


TerranScapes - Styroplast review - Hot Wire Foam Factory - 2
TerranScapes - Styroplast Review - Hot Wire Foam Factory - 1


Mounting a Model to a Cork Base
Making a Scenic Base Part 2
Making a Scenic Base Part 1


Krieg CommiSar

Very Nice

Lt. Kara Black


Demon Prince

A Picture Tells ...

Instant Mold review and tutorial


Product Review: Battlefoam P.A.C.K. GO

Weight on their shoulders

Shoulder Pads MkIII

Green, Brown, Grey ... Stuff

Figure Sculpting: Epoxy Putties - Greenstuff or Kneadatite Blue/Yellow

Lovely Colour Range

Skink Priest

Hobby Ponderings

Is the Imperium a metaphor for the Games Workshop?

Mainzification 2011

Inspiration Modellbau, Mainz, 17. + 18. September
Inspiration Modellbau, Mainz, Part II, Figures

Inspiration Modellbau, Mainz, Part III

Hobbycrib Blast Smörgåsbord and Comp from MV

Workbenches - the birthday gallery 2010

2nd Anniversary Workspace Birthday Celebrations

More hybrid goodness

Death Guard Razorback Mk1

The Skinny

Ogres and Skintones: a raging debate

Dippeth One's Bread

Quickstain Alternatives

Little Boxes

New release from Portable Warfare

Another Talcum Fiend

Painting Tips #5a - Matting Acrylics With Talc

But ...

Darwin Games, Nimbus Occulite Tribe

Shake Hands

Puppetswar - Walker Claws

Drink them in all day

Soda Pop Miniatures - New Relic Knights Releases


Warmachine: Painting the Khador Starter Models

Green is the colour

MERDC Madness

Candid Chimera

You’ve Been Framed!