Thursday, 26 July 2012

Another Piece Of Expensive Plastic Poo (Part 1)

So, today is my birthday ... went for a lovely meal and I promised myself a little treat ...

Here are the images (clicky for biggy) ..

I will post more, when I am happier and calmer, in Part 2 :(

CMON Lovelies

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CMON Shop Update: Steampunk Tinker Belle now in metal!
Tyranid Tervigon
Tyranid Tervigon - Flash gallery
Delivering the nectar


Mercury 9: Part 14 the second stage

Oh Dear

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Don't Be Rash (bumped for addage)

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Beasts At The Carnival (bumped for addage)

Welcome to Carnevale Week on Beasts of War
What is the Background to the World of Carnevale?
How to Play Carnevale: The Basics of the Game
How to Play Carnevale: The Principles of Movement
Intrigue Murder... Who are The Patricians in Carnevale?
How to Play Carnevale: Shooting the Art of the Pistol
Mystery & Horror... What are the Rashaar in Carnevale?
How to Play Carnevale: Close Combat the Art of the Duel
How to Play Carnevale: The Mysteries of Magic
Subterfuge & Sabotage... Why do the Guild Fight in Carnevale?
It's Time for the Carnevale Giveaway!
It’s Time for the Carnevale Giveaway!
Let us Dare to play a Demo Game of Carnevale!
Feast Your Eyes on the Carnevale Showcase!


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Stain Not Free

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Heroes In A Half-Track

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Strippity Doo Da

How To Strip Miniatures

Wash And Go

One of the most important tips I can give anyone!


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