Saturday, 28 January 2012

Freebies Are Good



Review: Miniaturicum Paint Rack

SciFi Folk

Review - 15mm Sci Fi from Brigade Models Sculpted by PF


EFFECTive - Don Bies

Pew, Boink

3 steps to fixing damaged boltgun barrels


Review- Grass Tech Flocking Applicator


Entrevista David Zabrocki


Defensive Walls & 3D Printing 4
Defensive Walls & 3D Printing 3 


Review Shapeways Autocannon Dreadnought Arms

Popooree (bumped for addage)

A Lot of Bull

Lost and the Damned | Big Muties [WH40K]

Trencher details - Weathering and conversions

SLWarlord games at Salute 2012

Queen of the Battlefield

Pułkownik RON

Barrels And Crates

Perry Crusader spearmen III

Dealing with burnout.. Plus ORCS!

Stunning Pictures of the Imperator

Battletech Size compared to 15mm

 Back from paradise ... and sat at my modelling table!

28mm Modular Fire House/Supernatural Exterminators HQ Release 12/27/12

 This week on CBT CPT 1/27/12

Road to Paris Part 2

Tiger Miniatures

JFJ 2012 : Les deux versions de la figurine exclusive des JFJ.

Mass Invasion

From GregB: 28mm Napoleonic Austrian Infantry IR#4 and Aide de Camp (175 points)

The Eagle Has Landed

Converted Savlar Chem Dogs + Genswick Veterans and Ogryns

Avatars of War: Warriors of Apocalypse Vorbestellung

Hot! Imperial Fists Contemptor of Doom

Flashback Friday- The First Baneblade

Sleek and Agile Eldar Revenant Titan



Lord the Rings SBG New Releases
A return to Middle-earth

EWGT (BattleCry 2012 ) Prep

Narrow Escape Before the Battle Releases 15mm Ottoman Deli Cavalry

Forged in Battle Releases a New Set of 15mm Vehicles

Some New Wheels....

Fully Painted Sanguinary Priest Conversions


Last post .....of Warlord Games Dacian warhost

Eldar Nightwing Scratchbuild

Confrontation Dirz: Vargas Metatron

Yep, Templars

Warhammer Showcase - Giant Spider!

Confederate Signal Station

Guards Motorstrelkovy vs Finn Pioneers (Blind Domination)

Battlefield in a Box: Sewage Works Play Test: GW Fame!

Friday Showcase - Gatorman Posse

a few more Apulians

20mm Painted WW2 British Infantry Platoon.

Rebel Minis - 15mm Army of Robin Hood

Viking Reinforcements!

Kabalite Warriors

The Dank Water Treaty

A Nurgling we will go

Polish Dragoon box painted up and ready

Fimir - Unit Filler

Khurasan Miniatures - New 15mm Exterminators

Warlord Games - Greek Civilians and Hoplite Casualties