Monday, 27 August 2012




New plastic infantry from Battlefront

Plastic titans are coming soon!
DreamForge Games, Plastic

Cypresses and poplars

Black Crusade Charity - all done!

Basing my Ghazghkull

Dieppe Game Report - Bolt Action Rules

Nikolai Arabian House 1

Le Royal - Artillerie
Le Regiment de Royal- Roussillon

Calling Col Corbane
Fortified Ruined House

Malifaux: Bayou Brawl Tournament Report

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures US Comparison

Antenociti - Prototype NRF Comodo Carapace Armor

Spartan Games, Studio Sparta, Firestorm Invasion

Some Painting

Waterloo Weekender Game

40k Battle Report--Father vs. Son--playing Son vs. Father!

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: Dark Age Overload!
Samurai bust
Necron Overlord
Chaos Sorcerer

Aves My Rear

Aves putty & T-72B

Well And Truly Sucked

The Artwork of David Lemon


1/72 Tamiya Republic F-84G Thunderjet Update 4


CLINIC: Tubbin' It!



The Lord Inquisitor - Making Of Teaser 2012 - Part 02 [HD]
The Lord Inquisitor - Making Of Teaser 2012 - Part 01 [HD]


Paint Storage Rack