Tuesday, 6 September 2011

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Space Marine!

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Puzzling Space Crusade

Mine, but not solved by me ... far too busy !!!

'Space Crusade' jigsaw puzzle

Mutto Matto ... A contemplation from The Colonel and Another Project (Part 4)

I had a lovely reply from Dave via Mike and have permission to post their thoughts ...

"Wow. You're either very brave or insane :) (I really cannot say which, CS)

I've asked Dave about this and he essentially thinks you should go with whatever you see. However I've laid out some of this thoughts for you below, but obviously it's been a while....

There's a picture of the half-formed ship shrouded in mist on the sleeve's first page at the bottom, where you see from the back the mast and part of a wing. Remember the ship is organic and the windows (the details on the front of the ship above the dragon-type figurehead) are lit by spirits and so should be luminous and glowing. Dave described the ship as sort of based on a Spanish galleon with a high prow crossed with a Japanese fighting fish baring down on the viewer.

Hope these thoughts help and we wish you the best of luck in your project. Mike "

Thank you gents, wonderful ... so, off I went to see what I had missed on the sleeve, and, low-and-behold, there it was ...

Look at the size of that mast and fins !!! Super.

So, we need an organic, Spanish galleon ...

With a high prow ...

Looking like a Japanese fighting fish ...

In brown, please :)

Got it.

Let it snow

How to make snow bases

Spesh Mareens !!! (Part 3)

A few pins, cleaning and first-stage modding ...

BTW, both will be entered for the CSM category :)

Spesh Mareens !!! (Part 2)

I can do this, the lads are already started and it will get me going on something that has been on the list for a while ...

Bits ...

(1) Old-Skool, metal, CSM Aspiring Champions (AC),
(2) Current CSM AC Backpack,
(3) Current CSM Backpack,
(4) Current CSM AC left shoulder pads (I dropped the Slaanesh version),
(5) Current CSM trophies,
(6) Current CSM (Undivided) gift and pole arm,
(7) Current CSM Khorne Berserker, left, boltgun arm,
(8) Current CSM spike replacing the Khorne symbol on (7).

Spesh Mareens !!! (Part 1)

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