Tuesday, 25 October 2011

70,000 Reads ... Now We Are Talking Telephone Numbers !!!

So, once we had got the spammers out-of-the-way (TY, if you were trying to help), the real deal just kept on a coming :)

Welcome to all new readers and browsers, and you know how I love the old guard ;) We have stabilised at, around, 190 'Troops', and that is lovely to have.

100,000 by the end of year 1? That would be nice :)

TY all :) :) :)

No Troll Like Home

Finger and Toe releases 28mm card stock watchtower Trollhome


Street Corner: Spade

An exciting exploration of the popular strategy game Warhammer

Hammers of War

Cheeky Chap

SPIEL 2011: Freebooter Miniatures

Nail It

Using a Smooth File




Rifleman Dread Conversion Tutorial


It’s Inbox Tuesday!
We’ve got Flickr Fields; Polish Tomb Kings and a hint at what’s to come…


We’ve got Flickr Fields; Polish Tomb Kings and a hint at what’s to come

Even More

40K NEWS: Necron Product List + More Finecast


Grupa Night Lordów | Night Lords warband


Refurbishing 'Old' Models Part 1


I show you how to make miniature stain glass effect

I Thought You'd Be Bigger

Starcraft The Boardgame – Zerg Beasts Part 1

Rittytattitty (bumped for done)

Hydra Tutorial Part 1: Turret Base

Hydra Tutorial Part 2: Gun Assembly

Hydra Tutorial Part 3: Gunner's Cradle

Stringing Along

Puppet Wars – A Review

Or Equivalent

Modeling Tools: The Dremel

Very Nice

Ratwyrm! Finished! Tremble, man-things!

Tankful Task

StuG G Platoon


Bonecrusher and Brain finished

Best of The Bunch

Dark Age Games Announces November Releases

Quiet Hill

Bushido gets Scary

Sexy Blast

Six Days of Horror! Our Scary Celebration of Halloween: Slaaneshi Emperor's Children Army!
Dark Eye Studios

Ah, Now We Are Talking

Scratchbuilt: The “Swift” from “Space 1999″
Space 1999
Swift model kit from Space 1999

I Have a Dream

Can DigiFab and Manual Craftsmanship Co-Exist?

Get To The Turret

Magnetizing a Predator

No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering

Fantasy Pumpkins
2011 See our carvings this year as we carve them here.

Excellent Tankyou

Letting Loose the Lynx: Panzer II's completed for Frau Tottenkinder


Ky-Ra’ by Iguazzu


Basing Protolene from Critical Mass Games

This Goes There ...

Review: Micro Art Studios Urban Building