Monday, 13 February 2012

Phew, Now Caught-Up, To Start The Backlog Of Blog List (1)


Sci-Fi: Red Steam

Tremble (bumped for progress)

Reaver Titan inventory and inquisition
Reaver Titan Decree!
Purifying the Reaver Titan
Priming a Reaver Titan – Test with grey Duplicolor sandable auto primer
Magnetizing the weapon arms on a ForgeWorld Reaver Titan
Pinning the shoulders of a Reaver Titan
Building the Reaver Titan PowerFist
Reaver Titan 1108 has been named!
Forgeworld Reaver Titan Servitors
Building the Forgeworld Reaver Titan Legs
Painting the ForgeWorld Reaver Titan Legs


Concept Art: There is only one way


Gothic Jetbike: Kit review

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Blood Ravens Venerable Dreadnought COMPLETED

Finished !.

Desktop board mk2

Locuelo Feérico, Rackham

5th February, York Racecourse

Bussaco Terrain - Best Ever
The Battle of Bussaco, 1810

Grenadier Special Edition 2701 Battle Giant

Spaceport security



Loup Garous BB

Crimson Corsair

Get your fix with Ghetorix…

"Battle of Hannah's Cattle Yards"

Battle Report - Eldar Vs Sorellanza 1100 pt

Barykady do Mordheim by Dębowa Tarcza (do SDKu) - cz. 10

Reaper Giant finished

figma Insane Black Rock Shooter preview

Paint of the "French Napoleonic Light Infantry" Part 4(28mm Metal / Parry miniatures)

Hammer head 2012 Newark

10 new Renegades

Canhão de Anões 40 k - Dwarf Cannon 40 k

1500 Point Tournament at Memphis Battle Bunker

A Predatory State of Mind

Cryx Pistol Wraiths

Imperial Guard Leviathan

Bad Boat

2D Art: Magilium


Painting lava crackles
Some basing fun!

Do Not Rush

Eduard 36 169 Rushes II – Review


Farseer Stage By Stage Part 2