Monday, 14 February 2011


How To Cast In Resin Part I

How To Cast In Resin Part II

On their heads

Model Making: Laser Cut 28mm Gantry System


The Workshop - Location, Location, Painting Location

Tanks again

Making realistic tank hulls

A model model show

Freizeit, Hobby, Modellbau Wemding 2011

These little piggies

Pigments ? were to start? what to choose?

One of my fave painters, at the mo

Sedition Wars medic finished...

... and The Colonel !!!

Chat with 40k Nation


Another head for another suit....

Lovely Little Chap

Ymir the White

Thank you Joumana

Illustration tutorials
Drawing People

Sexy Tank

Image removed by CMON (but I have it ;) )


Chessex Custom Dice Review from Muggins!

Rules is Rules

The Rules That Divide Us

Very Nice Tutorial - start to finish

The Babe Wore Red Step by Step
The Babe Wore Red
Caperucita Roja - Little Red Ridding Hood


Freehanding: When to do it