Tuesday, 15 February 2011

One Pass

Army Painter Wolf Grey primer preview


TerranScapes - Review of Army Painter Quick Shade and Testors Dullcote

Right Good Resin

On the desk ~ Vallejo Pigments ~ Scibor Miniatures ~ Announcements ~ Adeptus Project

Dirty, Dirty, Tank

Obsidian Painting Update - Weathering Tanks

Lovely, Lovely, Blue

Wizard Lord of Heaven with 2 Battle Wizards of Heaven
Rafal Maj

Brushes at the ready

Paint Wars Charity Contest

How long is a piece of red rod?

Tips for Beginners: Measuring Distance

Some nice starter sculpt examples

Bigger Barrera's Custom Sculpts

A Titanic Day

Scratchbuilt Warhound Titan (Pic Heavy) 

Awe and Cardboard

Scratchbuilt Warhound Finished
Scratchbuilding a Warhound Titan


Surprise ahead... WIP again

It's Like a Steam Train

7500 reads!!! Thank you to all readers and posters.

I will do something special at 10,000 :)


Thomarillion: Statuensockel und Sockelschilder