Saturday, 1 October 2011

Madness, If True

Out of Left Field: Citadel Finecast Experiment Over
This Just in – Fincast Wishlisting Now Major News Item

My Fave From UKGD 2011 Images

Birminghamification 2011 - UKGD 2011
Birminghamification 2011 - UKGD 2011 ... Ebbing Away
UKGD 2011 - Links Only Compilation

So many ... really, so very many ... but it will have to be ...

GD, Open, Bronze

Thanks to all folk who made my work so pleasurable :)


Hobby 101: Base Your Miniatures!

Soldering On

Soldering 101
Soldering Guide
Starting in electronics soldering.

Humbrol Wins Again

Product Review: Spray Varnish: Humbrol Vs. Hobby Time


Relictors Contemptor Dreadnought

Housey, Housey

VBCW Card stock Terrace Houses

Far From Basic

Getting Started in Warmachine: Tier 3 – Basing


Vermin Clan Lord

Wing and a ...

Thoughts on alternate wings for Terminus?

On The Wagon

War Wagon Poster

A Good Knight

Rebel Minis - 15mm Medieval and Deep Ones Previews




From the Desk: Lots going on

Dying To Live There



Blanchitsu Pays A Visit In The Rat Hatch

Be A Tool

A look at the new Finecast tools from Games Workshop

Sculpting Ponderings

Building small battleships: Some 1920s and 1930s designs

Boats For The Wealthy

Dreadfleet – a Few Photos

Dreadfleet Unboxing Video

Rzut Okiem - Dreadfleet | games workshop |spim| warhammer 
Dreadfleet is launched, pirates are unleashed and we take a look at White Dwarf.

Games Workshop's Dreadfleet Unboxed
Dreadfleet – The Review
Dreadfleet Unboxed!
Dreadfleet Unboxing Video
Dreadfleet Scenery Assembly video
Dreadfleet Unboxing
Dreadfleet ausgepackt
Dreadfleet - Unboxing
Review: Dreadfleet
Unboxing Dreadfleet

Dreadfleet – Building the Ships

The Dreadfleet has dropped anchor at Hephesto's Forge

Warren Sam take a look at Dread Fleet Part One
Warren Sam take a look at Dread Fleet Part Two

Review: Dreadfleet (Part 2 - Cleaning, Assembly)

Dreadfleet: What`s in the box?

Gaming Ponderings

Being a bit Special

Thankfully Not Private Here

Oct 15th Cornwall Breast Cancer Brawl Prize Update


Painting Box

Brain Food

PBB - Mission Brief

Teeny, Tiny, Spaceship

Completed: Zeus Destroyer Commission
BFG Commission: Zeus Destroyer (Part I)

Very Nice

The Dragon

Very Nice

GD UK 2011 Space Wolf Dread