Sunday, 24 April 2011

Got the urge to paint and base an old Necron (Part 6)

Just wanted a quick, reference, image, now he has been base-coated and washed, before I rebuild the red metallic on the 'plates' and start to tidy and detail ...

Mix and Match

Converting your Independent Characters

His bases are wet with dryness

How To Dry Brush A Base

Perhaps with a little more subtlety

How to Paint Blood

NZ Bloodletting

NATCON 2011 Impetvs Demo
First New Zealand Natcon 2011 photos

Creepy Metal

(4/23/2011) Necrons!

Heavy Man

The Plastic Soldier Company Limited 1/72nd Scale Russian Infantry Heavy Weapons

These are looking very nice

What I've been working on

Be a Hero

First Winners of Heroes of Armageddon

It's like a zoo out there

Monkeys/Jokero With Grey Knights in the Background