Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Very nice Vulcan

Vulkan He' stan finished

You'll be wanting some of this, then?

Grey Knights Hobby (with a bit of mood lighting)

No One Expects ...

By Any Means Necessary – By Inquisitor Lord
Grey Knights Hobby (with a bit of mood lighting)

Yes You Can, Malcolm

“But I Can’t Paint Like That!”

Another nice place to have been

AFM Mountrouge 2011 - Review

Request from The Colonel - Problem solved - TY :)

Problem solved - TY :)

Anyone got a scan of the GW LR Crusader/Redeemer instructions, please, that they could email me or point me to? ... Cheers.

Say No More

Falkar the Tropic Ranger

Thoughts on boning

Deathwing bone armour test model

It's Like ... a walking elephant

Wednesday Eye Candy: Monster Rider


Quick Review: Forgeworld Hellhound kit

I really like the beast

Mantic Games - New Orc Previews

Dippety Dawg

Taking the Plunge -- With Dipping
Dipping Experiment - Continued

Careful now

Do It Yourself: Razorwire

Looks like he means it

Ork Warboss Skrapsmacka

Wonders of Science

First 3D Prints Back of New Engine Kit Intakes