Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sector Sigma - You Know You Wanna' ... I'm Gonna'


On The Town

Basescrafts : Urban Kit

Bloody Alterations

Craft a Blood Altar for D&D (The DM's Craft, EP 34)


New Gaming Table Build
gaming table update

Predator Through The Ages

Evolution of the 40k Predator Tank

Gundam Style

Gundam/ mech model workshop 71: Kotobukiya MGS/ generic detail application tutorial


Forge World unboxing - Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Warping Smith (bumped for actual done)

How to Paint Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith FINAL
How to Paint Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith Part 2
How to Paint Chaos Space Marine Warsmith Part 1
40k Unboxing Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith

Cocky Pit

The Hellcat's cockpit

He Is So Compressed

Airbrush. What, How & Why - Part 3. Neo Air miniature desktop compressor


Hobby Tips for Beginners - How to Prime your Models