Friday, 9 September 2011

Do it yourself!! Carefully !!!

Faça voçê mesmo! – Parte 2
Faça voçê mesmo!
Keeping your minis safe

Bulk Buying

Flames of War - Lets Base Coat Tigers
Flames of War - Lets Spray

Nice Wrath

Wrath of Ashardalon – Part 2
Wrath of Ashardalon – Part 1
Wrath of Ashardalon – The Unboxing 

The Colonel Shoots, The Colonel Scores !!! (Part 2)

There came a knock at the door ...

See how famous I am ;) TTFix always delivers :)

Ooooooohhh, shiny and lovely.

I am amazed how big the Magenta is, I thought it would be less than half the size - RESULT !!!

Box opening and high quality pics, soon, when I have attended to some business.

TY TTFix, you have made an old man very happy :)

Where did KP64 go?

Anyone know? Please let me know, discreetly, if needs be.

Nice Work from FG

Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn

Tyranid Mawloc / Trygon


Nurgle vindicator


New from Brother Vinni

More a Dream

Mommy! I'm having a Nightmare!

Nice Tats

Mikio - 28mm

Nothing to Fault

Skorne Battle Engine and new Circle Warbeasts on Hordes: Domination back cover

Snow Far

25mm snow bases tutorial pt. 1
25mm snow bases tutorial pt. 2

WG Still Assisting

Finecast Update
Abridged version of our second review

Not In My Experience

Love the flying cow

New Warhammer Forge releases
The Bale Taurus and Skaven Warlord on a Brood Horror Up for Pre-order

Excellent tutorial

Figure Sculpting: Armatures, Dollies and Wire…

No time to translate ... not that it is needed

Varthar the Dark Guardian - 54mm Andrea

DT's on Little Tanks

FOW - Panzergrenadiers Part 5

FOW Panzergranadiers - Part 7

Look great to me

Renedra plastic fences and gravestones review

Makes the sore arm worth it

Old is new again - Whats in a bitz box

Well, if money is no object :)

Stripping Paint Off of Miniatures Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Great Army

40K Showcase: A "Strange" Mechanicus Expedition

Shout Out For The Colonel !!!

Thank you very much folks, very much appreciated, as he does :)

Light Up Your life

£2.99 from one of my local discount shops ... two LEDs, on flexible necks, with clamp, runs on 3 x AAA cells (or optional adaptor) ... great to the side of me, when that extra little light is needed.

Hand and model out of focus, because, I cannot hold them as still as my tripod can ;) in 'Night Portrait' mode ... no enhancement in paint package, for light balance/intensity, which is what the point of the pic is :)

Ah, now I already know about using this stuff

Blackline Miniatures announces Blu-Stuff

Another product here ...

Using Two Part Silicon Mold Putty to Make Molds

Rotted In

Rotted Out heads sets for 28mm

Patch It

Using a Drywall Patch for Terrain

Glazed Over

Tutorial: Basics – Glazed Over: Washes and Glazing


Basing Material

Dandy Bases

Mr. Dandy WarGamma Product Review