Tuesday, 5 April 2011

All his bases are moulded by him

Custom BattleTech Resin Bases How-To (part 1)
Custom BattleTech Resin Bases How-To (part 2)

Just three, rough, images ... for Thor's thread

Observation: Where are the DIY Marine Chapters?

Test pieces, no highlights.

Truly Titanic

Mecha Month Begins: Knight Warden Titan


Thunderwolf Cavalry Release Scheduled
Thunderwolves On the Way?

Gesso It Will Work

Priming with Gesso - The Answer to Humidity

The Sandy Undead

Tomb Kings have arrived
New Tomb Kings images impress even anti Tomb Kings people

Anyone got any greenstuff left?

Rogal Dorn, primarch of the Imperial Fist by FreakForge

Very nice NMM




Coffins For Scary Things

Malifaux Battlefoam Bag Review

Mmmm, not sure, but why not?

Tutorial - Using human hair

Nice little base

Decorative Swamp Bases: First Try

FW Open Day 2011 Revisited

Forge World Open Day 2011 Pictures

Some great vidtuts from WPD

Grey Knight Terminators
Grey Knight Terminators
Grey Knights
Death Company Dreadnought

GWGs (and swords)

Zombies, Girls with Guns, World War One, Oh My!

Losing Their Metal?

GW Metal Minis Range Shakeup

Very nice work from The Brothers

Eldar Guardians are ready to defend the Craftworld
finished SM
finished SM