Wednesday, 1 August 2012

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: 48, yes you heard right, 48 new releases!
Winged Carnosaur on sculpted base with lava effects


Empire War Machine


D&D Dungeon Command - Sting of Lolth Unboxing

Chicago, Chicago (bumped for addage)

US Games Day 2012

goggle gang goldem demon 2012

Golden Demon 2012

there and back again,,, Gamesday 2012 

Google Gang

Games Day 2012 Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 

Jawaballs vs Fritz at Gamesday 2012
Jawaballs at Gamesday 2012


Empire of the Dead: Brotherhood Faction Starter Box

Hobbing Ponderings

Skill of Patience in TableTop War Gaming

How MiniWarGaming Almost Went Out of Business

On The Floor - Episode 1 - Ouya, Warhammer 40K a leathal Weapon?, and Infinity @ GenCon

Clarkey Revisits: LOTR High Elves

NEW 2012 Hot Toys Robocop and ED209 prototypes on display @ ACGHK2012

Skirmishers galley wench -How i became a gamer

Rumor and Commentary 

 Voices of Mars - Wargamer on a Budget Ep. 4 - Forum Trading Explained


Painting Tutorial; Skorne Titan Skin, Vid 207



Shake Them All Over

Robart Hobby Paint Shaker for Vallejo, Reaper & Citadel Paints

Carn Easy

Mini of the Week: Master of Carnage

Course Hair

How to Paint Dark Elf Corsair Sea Dragon Cloaks

Head Jobs

Product Review: PuppetsWar Temistokles Head Set

This Array

Completed Communications Array