Thursday, 16 August 2012

Colonel's Cardstocking Compendium !!! (Part 15)

(M): Some Vehicle WIP Reference Images

(a) 16/08/2012

First up ... the UD12 Chickenhawk (Ariadna Nival Camo) from the excellent Toposolitario ...

... lighter print density. I am intending to add a 'tail fin' to it (at least) ...

Second, a Slightly-Larger Than The Real Thing Vindictive Blue Tank from the incredible Patoroch ...

... this is the earlier version (III). The later tanks 'fit' (or did I not turn off scaling???!!!).


Pocket-Dungeons by dutchmogul

CMON Lovelies

Salamanders Land Raider Achilles
Chaos Lord on Juggernaut
Njal Stormcaller

YT Promotions Reduced, For Now

Recently, I have been promoting quite a few YT channels, which I thought may benefit from the exposure.

I have noticed, that the viewing trend, here, has gone down ... not massively, but maybe an indicator ... or maybe just a coincidence ;)

No time for both, so, back to blog priority, tomorrow, for a good while, and see how it goes.


The Colonel.


40k Review Imperial Armor Aeronautical Forge World Rulesbook

Elf And Painty

How to paint a LotR High Elf

Bloody Skulls

Product Review: Blood & Skulls Industry: Competition!
Blood and Skulls Industry

Hobbing Ponderings

T-RAT (T is for Turquoise) Revell 1940 Ford Coupe
1940 FORD RAT ROD UPDATE (Weathered Engine, Chassis & Body)

How do I Paint this Color Scheme?

Another one bites the dust. A tale of Dremel Distruction and good customer service. 

Star Wars X-Wing project finished!

He Is Eavy

AGP Review: 'Eavy Metal Warhammer 40,000 Painting Guide


Nuff Said ;)

Thank you all :)

The Colonel


Look to the Skies... Leviathans is Finally Here!!!

Making Up Is Easy To Do

cheap weathering sponge idea


Nurgle Blight drones using oil paints and pigments complete

Hobbing Ponderings (bumped for addage)

A quick hello & Fall Group Builds

NEW 2012 1/6 Tamashii Nations 12 Perfect Model Unofficial Super Sentai AkibaRangers Akiba RED
NEW 2012 Tamashii Nations Perfect Model Godzilla
NEW 2012 1/6 Tamashii Nations 12 Perfect Model Tiger & Bunny figures
NEW 2012 1/6 Tamashii Nations 12"PM Perfect Model C3P0 & R2D2 Star Wars figures!

Studio Update- August 14 2012

On the Table - August 14th, 2012 

Testor's ScaleWorkshop No. 94 - A Postcard from Squadron ScaleQuest 2012

See you all at Gencon 2012



Wargamer Insider: Les @ AwesomePaintJob & Jesse @ Red Steel: Las Vegas

My contest entry into madgolem 100 subs contest

Voices of Mars - Wargamer on a Budget Ep. 6 - Bottom Line Pricing + Recap

D20 Gaming is now Live!

Converting the Baslisk into a Tank Hunter
Converting the BASLISK !

Demon Prince Competition Entry update #8

August Apocalypse 2012 - Introduction

Bretonnian Army Project Day 15 (BEER & DRUMS)

Red Steel Gaming Club - Olton. The development continues..... Part 1. 

Infinity Slow-Grow League starts next week.... 

Erazmus Showcase - Empire of the Dead - Westwind EotD

ThunderRaven Part 3

Show and Tell- Dropzone Commander, Chaos Space Marine Rumors, Zombicide
Show and Tell- Micro Art, GW Releases and rumors, Bane Beasts rule

Austin's Benchmark: Episode 6 (Chaos Blood Angels)

How To Win Warhammer 40,000 Tournaments Tactics (Long!)

40k Nation Absolution Personified: Brian's Birthday Bash Tournament