Friday, 15 July 2011

Lovely post to finish on today

Complex Flesh Tones



Khador Gun Carriage


Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Jetbikes build complete

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Azhek Ahriman built 

I like Warmachine ... Oooops

Magnetizing Guide – Dark Eldar Talos/Cronos


Avatars of War Plastic Dwarf Beserkers review

Horrifyingly Super

New limited edition models from Wyrd

Nightmare Teddy

FW Goodliness

More Salamander Goodies from Forgeworld!

Cannons !!!

H.M.S. Surprise (Cannons)


Making Slate Bases for 40K Models

Very nice

Logan Grimnar Conversion

Does he sleep?

Grand prize

Asawira sipfire


On Balance

A Question of Scale

A Few Comps

Cangames 2011 May 20-22, 2011 Part 2
Cangames 2011 May 20-22, 2011 Ottawa Canada Part 1

Conjurations Game Convention May 14 to 15, 2011

Recon 2011 Con Update I
Away to the Con

COW2011: A photo report

Origins 2011 Coverage -- Saturday


Tutorial - building base for GK Terminator

Speaks for itself

Hobby: Blood Raven Land Raider Redeemer

Nut Up

NUSU Tourney: The Aftermath - Day 2
NUSU Tourney - The Aftermath: Day 1

Holy Schmoley

Apocalypse Terrain: Gothic Cathedral Pt 5