Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kits And Mags

CAÑÓN 20/65 BREDA M-1935
How to add magnets to Plastic Soldier armour
FoW Quick Tip: How to magnetise my PSC tanks? | Flames of War

Crafty Work

The Stormtalon gunship and new 40k flyers

Technical Footing

How to make your own Zone Mortalis bases

Nasty Vicar

Gabriel Seth inspired DA Chaplain conversion

Painting Ponderings+

Painting without all the fancy techniques


How to make terminator combi-weapons

Rogue Tank

Predator conversion and magnetization [The Rogue Trader]

Converting Ponderings

Making your Space Marine Captain stand out

Skull And Happy Bones

How to draw skulls Forge World style


Scratchbuilt Inquisitor Mystic and tool review


Can anything replace the old Boltgun metal?

Painting Ponderings

Putting the Pain in Painting..


From the Desk: Droppers (part 2) and Organizing My Paints
From the Desk: Droppers!

Popooree Refill

New Cryx auctions!

Forge Father Iron Ancestor

Attic Studio Annual 40k Tournament 2012, Bangkok

Emperor's Children Lord, Dreadnought, and Rhino

Wargamescon Quick terrain look

Daily Inspirations: Master Craftsman Ghoul


"The Guardians" - Diorama of the day 

16º Animextreme pt2 (pic heavy)

Decision at Osnabruck

Heroes of the Empire

Off to Austin, TX! 
On Display! sponsored by Dropzone Games

What A Caper

How to sculpt greenstuff cloaks and capes

Fur Enough

How to sculpt and mold fur cloaks and pelts

CMON Lovelies

Rune Priest in Terminator Armour
by JMC
Typhus, Lord of Nurgle
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf
Arya Stark
Sedition Wars Kickstarter - $390k and one week to go!

More Kicking Please

Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter Launched!
Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play
Goalsystem Delves: Complete Cavern of Blood Pic

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Covenant of Antarctica: Epicurus Class Sky Fortress
Covenant of Antarctica: Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield

Galactic Knights

Thursday Night Trafalgar Game

Man-to-man talk, and how to paint wood

Pike & Shotte: Pavia

Flames of War - Ferdinand and PzIII - Pics

5th Border Legion Test

Horus Rising - 28mm

Game On.

Display Board Project: Ogre Kingdoms Part 5 Finale!

Analouge Challenge Prize - Architects of War

Tutorial: The Castle
Ruined Fortress by Manorhouse Workshop
Modular Gaming Table with Castle
Medieval Room – Mindstalkers Miniatures

Ork Bommer Project Finished!

Bran Redmaw Conversion

 Wishful Thinking - Top 10 Most Wanted


Russian Coalition sighted!

Drużyna radzieckich strzelców / Soviet riflemen squad

Scenery Showcase - Forest River

28mm SYW Russians by Mick

Ma.K "Gustav" 1/35 ... Kill the Shine

Dark Eldar Wyches Finished

Battle of Froschwiller at WinterCon 2012

The Spartan Assault Tank rumbles into view

It’s Flickr Thursday

It’s feeding time

Colours of the Empire

Aircraft sighted!

Armies on Parade

Nova Class Frigates