Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wonderful, little, soldiers

2nd Airborne squad Finished!

Links to Christopher's sources, for the base flora ...

Green Line Diorama

More money to Poland, methinks

Stygian Two Handed Weapons.

So much to like about where this is going ....


Pół finisz, nie finisz - zmieszanie takie... 


Tutorial - Room for freshness

Let The Purgation Commence

Grey Knights competition 2011 plus some pictures

Never left behind

Bravo 6 U.S. Navy SEALs, Vietnam

I Am The Follower

Thank you friends - if you are not on my blogroll, please let me know.

Time for the Knights

Painting Grey Knights Paladins / Terminators | Warhammer 40k | Buypainted


Non Metallic Metal

He came from nowhere

Legion of the Damned Space Marine with sword

It's that bear again ...

Another mini


CMON Shop Update: 6 new Infinity releases!

For designing colour schemes

Color Scheme Designer 3
Color Scheme Designer

More pics please

Forgeworld Day 2011. Pics and Winner of the Painting Comp

You Must Be There, You Must Be Steel

[Martin's Musings] Vassal 40K

'Ten 'Shun

Warlord Games - Bolt Action Commando Previews

Cheeky Cyber-Chappies

Ammon Miniatures - Pr. Minus and Cybermonkey

Been waiting for a paint-job on this one

Soda Pop Miniatures - Painted Relic Knight "One Shot"

... although I would have liked to see if slightly 'brighter' ...

Wet and Long

Springtime and wet palette

Convert some metal whilst you can

How to: Basic Conversion